How Keyword Research Can Help Your Business

Keyword research is a crucial aspect of your company’s search marketing strategy and can be highly beneficial in a number of ways. Many marketers struggle to see the key beneficial factors of keyword research and don’t quite understand how it can improve their business.

We’re going to share with you some really important advice and explain in detail how carrying out keyword research can not only help your business perform significantly better but also determine the perfect target audience for your product/service.

Improve your keyword rankings significantly…

If you want to run a successful website and rank in the top 3 search results within Google – then you need to do some detailed keyword research.

Why is this? I hear you ask…..

Keyword research can identify and help your business define what kind of content should be written for your target audience, simply because it contains exact key phrases and represents real desires consumers have. This a huge aspect of creating a successful content marketing campaign as over the years content marketing has become an integral part of SEO. If your site includes educational, engaging and useful content, your site will attract more visitors and more importantly – can lead to higher sales.

Keyword research can also help your business when optimising onsite content and landing pages. With the right keywords in place, you can highly improve your chances of ranking better and will drive more organic search traffic and sales to the chosen landing pages. The results of keyword research will determine the popular key terms that your business should be using.

It can help your decision if you are struggling to decide which pieces of content should optimised first. The results from the keyword research will provide you with data (Search Volume) which displays exactly how many people are searching for that particular term – giving you a clear indication of where you should be focusing your content optimisation.

It can make you stand out amongst your competitors…

Many businesses lose out on potential customers and sales to their competitors – but they don’t understand why. Here are a few questions we hear on a regular basis:

  • “Is my product/service not good enough?”
  • “Am I in the wrong industry?”
  • “Is my website up to scratch?”.

In some cases, the answer to these questions can be “Yes” – but there’s one question that businesses tend to neglect…. “Am I targeting the right keywords?”.

A common misconception with SEO and keyword research is that it’s all focused on driving high traffic to your site and getting the most visitors – this is not the case. Infact, it’s actually about driving the right type of visitors to your site. By performing keyword research, you can discover what your target audience are searching for in Google which is a key factor.

There is a good chance that the phrases you thought you should be ranking for are infact – highly unrealistic. Although this may be the case, it’s still worth targeting these phrases. There’s a chance you may rank for these keywords in the future, so don’t worry. The great thing about conducting keyword research is that it explores a variety of suitable phrases for your business that you may not have considered originally.

How to see what your target audience are searching for?

Using the Keyword Planner tool in Google Adwords, you can enter your website’s domain along with phrases your service/product provides – this will present a list known as ‘Ad Group Ideas’.This list forms a variety of relevant key phrases that your business can realistically target and more importantly, dominate amongst your competitors.

Within these results, you’ll see a variation of keywords, along with the average monthly searches these terms receive. For example, we’ve used the product “Wedding Flowers UK”:

We previously touched on the fact that these key phrases can be highly competitive and difficult to rank for during your PPC campaign. That’s not a problem – the great thing about keyword planner is that it allows you to discover how competitive/expensive these phrases are. This allows you to filter these phrases in accordance with your PPC budget and allows you to create a realistic, yet effective keyword plan for your business.

Allows you to save money on your PPC campaign…

PPC campaigns can be very expensive for businesses…. if the campaign has been set-up incorrectly. That’s why it’s very important to conduct your keyword research efficiently and correctly. Without the correct PPC management and expert knowledge of Google Adwords. Many businesses every day are falling at the first hurdle of their PPC campaign – but they don’t have to. By having a fully certified Adwords expert managing your account, you will be able to conduct and carry out a successful campaign and more importantly see great results at the end of it.

A common mistake that many businesses make is the pursuit of highly competitive terms, which receive a higher search volume. To compete with your competitors for these phrases, you will need to have a significantly higher Adwords spend in order to be a real force in the market. Despite the appeal of these sought after keywords, we highly recommend you turn to an expert, before investing a large financial sum in your PPC campaign.

Businesses also make the mistake of investing solely in low cost keywords with smaller search volumes. The mistake here is simple – your business may think that these keywords are “quick & easy wins” but they have very low search volumes, so do not generate enough converting traffic. For the best results you need a combination of both types of keywords. Carrying out a comprehensive keyword research plan can prevent your business from making these rash financial decisions and will ultimately save your business money in your advertising campaign.
Putting the time into your Keyword Research at the start of your SEO or PPC campaign will save you a lot of costly mistakes in the long run. If you’re interested in knowing how Ricemedia can improve your business’s PPC campaign, then feel free to get in touch with us today.

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