Instagram Updates Throughout 2016

Instagram’s Updates Through 2016

In 2016, Instagram released over 20 new features. The first half of the year was focused on rolling out basic tools that were essential for Instagram for Business, while the second half of the year focused on innovating Instagram and bringing some major changes to the app.

Instagram’s Updates Through 2016



We saw Instagram mature with the addition of the new Instagram for Business and analytics. However, on the flip side we also saw the development of a massive new feature that has pushed Snapchat aside.

We take a look at the major changes we saw to Instagram in 2016 below:



February 2016 – Manage Multiple Accounts

Instagram’s Updates Through 2016


Instagram kicked off the year by releasing a much-needed feature: the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts! Long gone are the days of manually logging in and out of Instagram accounts. We live in a world where you can easily switch between 5 Instagram accounts, which is to the relief of many marketers!

March 2016 – Instagram Algorithm

Instagram Updates throughout 2016
The dreaded Instagram Algorithm. In March of 2016, everyone was talking about what the new Instagram algorithm would mean for your Instagram account. The algorithm was announced in a New York Times article, and was slowly rolled out to all Instagram users over the next few months. Users were not on board with this change (who likes change really?) and a lot of them still aren’t, but it is something we’ve had to adapt to.

May 2016 – Instagram Business Profiles and Analytics

Instagram updates throughout 2016

This might not have been the most exciting Instagram feature of the year, but introducing business profiles and analytics was definitely very useful for business owners and agencies. We can now get details on the impressions and reach on posts and even the number of website clicks from your business profile. We’ll take that, thanks Instagram!


May 2016 – A New Look for Instagram!

Instagram updates Throughout 2016

Instagram revealed a new Instagram logo and complete app re-design in May 2016. With mixed reviews, it’s obvious that some of us just don’t like change, with many disliking the new logo. Whether you loved it or hated it, the chances are that you have completely forgotten about it by now!

August 2016 – Instagram Stories & Live Video

Instagram Updates Throughout 2016

We can definitely say that the biggest change to Instagram in 2016 was the introduction of Instagram Stories, and later Instagram Live Video. A clone of Snapchat, Instagram Stories will only be getting bigger and more popular in 2017, as the social networks battle it out to be the story destination of choice. Instagram Stories is a feature we never would have predicted for 2016 that’s for sure! It really shook up Instagram as a whole, and we’re excited to see where it goes this year.

And that’s it! A massive year for Instagram, marketers, and business owners alike. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us! If you’d like to have a chat with one of our social media wizards about your social media strategy then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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