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What Does Instagram Stories Mean For Brands?

We live in an age where visual content is essential to building a successful business’s marketing strategy. Instagram is an excellent platform to visually represent your company, promote your brand’s personality and stay connected with your customers on a daily basis.

As Instagram has to compete with other social platforms to gain user attention, they have incorporated a feature similar to Snapchat. The new update, Instagram Stories provides more opportunities for users to share unique content across the platform. It will allow users to capture and post live pictures and videos that disappear within 24 hours.

Over the past six years, Instagram has been centralised on posting high quality content, where users strive to post the ‘perfect’ image. Users typically share content that will drive engagement, usually highlighting certain activities, latest products or travel rather than everyday moments, and this where Instagram stories comes in. The aim is to share more and show more, rather than focusing on just highlights will encourage every day posting.

So what do we already know about the $1 billion social giant?

Instagram stories brands
The type of image that would usually be found on Instagram.


Recent statistics from Search Engine Watch may have you building or expanding your current social media strategy.

  • Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users
  • More than 30 billion photos have been shared
  • Instagram users generate 3.5 billion likes per day
  • More than 80 million photos are uploaded per day

The top 3 most popular retailers on Instagram by follower numbers:

1) Nike
2) Adidas Originals
3) Louis Vuitton


Instagram states that users tend to miss on average around 70% of their feeds and the current update will allow users to constantly stay connected and updated. Stories create the opportunity to build relationships with customers, allowing brands to reveal exclusive updates and will add a human element to the company.

Instagram’s core focus is to help brands reach their consumers. As content disappears after 24 hours, this is likely to encourage additional exposure as users will want to avoid missing content. Furthermore, it will also encourage more time being spent on the social media app, which will in turn expose users to more content. The simple interface design means it’s easy for brands to get started and to get growing!

Since launching, Nike generated 800,000 views in 24 hours for an Instagram Story they posted. If we compare Nike’s Instagram story success to Nike’s top viewed Snapchat story which generated 66,000 views, (as reported by their social media agency – Laundry Service) we can argue that Instagram stories are a really important tool when it comes to reaching a mass audience.

Although the Instagram update has practically mirrored the Snapchat feature, it does withstand some key drawbacks. For instance. Instagram users are unable to apply the much loved creative geofilters and interactive lenses. In addition to this, you will not be notified if users screenshot your content.
What we are certain about is Instagram is likely to add new features and updates and the new stories feature will increase time spent on the social platform.

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