Convince your boss your business needs SEO

How to Convince Your Boss Your Business Will Benefit from SEO.

Why Your Website Needs SEO

Have you just spent thousands revamping your site or designing a new one for a better online user experience, brand image and increased e-commerce revenue?


But what’s the point if no one can find it? That’s when SEO comes in.

You’re in charge of the marketing and/or digital marketing strategy for your company.

You work closely with your boss when it comes to budgets, yet one day the inevitable question and realisation ought to come your way; “Why are we not showing on Google? What is the point in spending all that money if no one can find our site?

Undoubtedly you have already spoken to your boss about SEO, trying to explain what it is and why you need it, “SE what? what is that? Never heard of it, so it cannot be as important as you let believe.

And that was the end of it.

Having experience working with clients – from various industries and business sizes – has helped figure out the best ways and key arguments and explanations you need to make your boss understand your business will benefit from SEO.

Using their own language and objectives, you can make them understand the undeniable value of SEO, to then allow you to achieve your objectives.

The key is asking you boss questions to make it his/her reasoning and idea.

A good starting point is always finding out which of your competitors use SEO agencies or an in-house team. If they are optimising their site, why aren’t you?

You wouldn’t want them to start building any sort of competitive advantage over you would you?

Your Business Needs SEO
Infographic from 1st on the List.


1. Decrease in Organic Traffic & In Existent Rankings

Issue: You don’t get as many visitors to your site as you used to.

Looking after your company’s site, you must have heard this before; “Why do we have less people viewing our site than 2 years ago?”which then made you come to an inevitable realisation.

You NEED an SEO agency.

But will this be your best argument?

Look at organic traffic figures in Google Analytics. If you can see a consistent decrease in organic traffic over the past few months or even years (especially if you haven’t worked with an SEO agency before). You can use this as a concrete sign to show your boss that you are losing ground – most likely enabling your direct competitors to benefit from it.

Over the last five years digital marketing and the way people use the Internet, and more specifically Google searches have been drastically changing. Evolving, and becoming smarter. Consequently, as the market becomes increasingly saturated, the competition is fiercer and as your target market increases their average spend online and there is more reliance on the Internet (buying more than ever online) Google has to differentiate the best websites from the mediocre ones and outdated ones which users shouldn’t trust.

Put it this way;

Ask your boss when he or she is looking for that little Italian restaurant they once went to a few years ago during their holiday in the south of France, how will they look for it?

Most likely take out their iPhone and Google: ‘Italian restaurant in Cannes’.

The competition is likely to be high; so if the small restaurant you adored doesn’t have an optimised site, the reality is that you are highly unlikely to find it. If you can’t find it within 10 minutes you will give up, and not book it for your friends and family feast.

In this case the family run Italian restaurant will losing out on what could have been a very profitable booking.

If they had worked on SEO and had an optimised website, they could have ranked on page 1 (or even 2) when you typed in your search – which would have lead to you booking it.

You need SEO to rank on Google’s search engine results pages. You can rank naturally but you will most likely remain on page 3 or behind. Let’s face it, no one ever clicks through to pages 4 or 5. In fact, as shown below you need to time for positions 1-3 in order to get the most organic traffic:Convince boss you need SEO

Make it their idea – ask them to put themselves in their ideal client’s shoes. What would they want their site to come up for? Now type it in and do the test. Does the site rank for it? Probably not. Now ask them; would you like to rank for that term? Answer is likely to be yes.

Here you go, now it is your move to choose the best SEO agency for you.

Getting to them – Data. Graphs. Visuals. Make sure to have your charts ready. We have also found percentages to be highly effective. Here you will find Google analytics to be your gold mine. No too sure how to work it? Worry yourself not, just get in touch and we’ll show you the tricks.


2. Un-Mobile-Friendly Website

Your are losing leads & damaging brand image due to a frustrating customer experience or un-friendly site for mobile users

How many times a week do you think to yourself whilst trying to shop online from your phone; “I can’t read this! This is taking ages! Why can’t I click that button?!” You are experiencing a site that is not mobile friendly: The font being too small, loading time too slow, and functionalities not optimised.

In addition, Google is rolling out mobile-first indexing, which means that mobile sites will be looked at before desktop hence, which thus makes it crucial now to have a responsive mobile site and also re-thinking your SEO strategy for mobile users.

The chances are your boss has also experienced a website which was not mobile friendly.

Now ask your boss to let them put forward the your mobile argument for you. Not that hard was it?

Then just smoothly add an extra layer to their point asking “Were you not able to load the pages from your phone? Or click the right button? Did you give up, a little frustrated?

Again, however users found the site, great, but if they exit it shortly after with an additional negative feeling about it, finding your site may do the business more harm than good, as didn’t conclude into any benefit or revenue, and has converted a negative feeling about your brand.

Lastly, the final touch. Now voice your concern about leaving your site frustrated. Users might go back looking for what they were after in the first place, and end up on a competitor’s optimised mobile site, and convert.

You’ve just missed a sale, or lost a customer/client.

SEO will help you avoid that. What are you waiting for? Hundreds more clients lost to the competition?

We didn’t think so.


3. Google Penalty

Your site is nowhere to be seen, because spammy or of very low quality.

Remember the time Interflora got penalised back in 2013? Probably not.

Not surprising – let’s try again.

Remember when you tried to buy flowers for your wife on you way back from work to get delivered the next morning as it was Valentine’s day, which you obviously didn’t forget about, and could not find it for the life of you? Here you go.

Would you like to know why? Thought so.

To put it simply, Interflora had bad SEO – as in black hat SEO,. They were trying to cheat Google’s algorithm by buying links – and got penalised for it. As a result, they were let’s say “blacklisted” from appearing on Google, and for a brief period of time you could even type in “Interflora” you would have not been able to find the site.

Convince your boss your business needs SEO


Now let’s imagine how much this ‘Google penalty’ most didn’t hear about before must have cost them in sales? Thousands? It cost them tens of thousands.

Showing you have or had been penalised can be a decisive turning point towards getting the SEO budget you want.

But how would you know? Lets look at the following:

  • SearchMetrics

See this graph, can you spot the penalty?

Convince your boss your business needs SEO

Now have a look at your site’s visibility, can you spot a steep decline? Here’s our penalty.

  •  Search Console

Haven’t heard of Search Console? What about Google Webmaster Tools?

In any case, this means you haven’t logged in for a while, or even may not have an account set up.

If you do then log in, you might have a ‘manual penalty message’, which states the obvious. Don’t have an account? Do it now, it’s crucial that you have one.

  • Google Analytics

This will probably be most useful once you have actually spotted the penalty. If you don’t have an account set up don’t waste another second and create one now.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to go back in time to get past data to see how the penalty affected traffic to your site – and the potential revenue made from it.

If you do have an analytics account, login and change the date to include the penalty dats as well as months before and after to get a clear graph of the consequences of that penalty.

Look at traffic, organic traffic and e-commerce revenue – if tracking has been set up.

Here you go, clear traffic and revenue data – losses – to present you boss with.

Getting to them – Show were you were before. How many monthly visitors? Organic visitors? How much revenue from e-commerce?

Now set the dates to compare a month before the penalty and right after it. Percentages in loss are likely to be rather dramatic, saving you to go into much details and length explanations, they will speak for themselves.

Now simply raise the “What if…” scenarios.

If we had an SEO agency…” – a good, white hat one of course – this would have been avoided.

If it has happened though, which is why getting one now, is crucial to remove the Google penalty, in order to help you not only recuperate, but exceed previous levels of traffic and revenue to and from your site.

What better promise than increased revenues, leads or enquiries? You’re welcome.


4. SEO Quick Wins

You want to see increases in traffic, sales and visibility before the end of the next month.

Who doesn’t like a quick win…Let’s be realistic, we all LOVE quick wins – it’s all about getting results.

And even more than that it’s all about getting them FAST. That’s how you will impress – and wow – and get where you want to go, and be.

  • Spotting a Google penalty will be one of them.
  • Developers accidentally noindexing your site can be one of them. It might sound obvious but this does happen more often than you could imagine. In fact, we have encountered that many, many times. What’s the point of having a site if no one can find it on Google? Particularly if it is an e-commerce site, then you have been missing out on numerous sales to say the least.

How to find out?

Look at the source code for a ‘noindex’ tag. If you find it, then it has happened. Alternatively, do a ‘site search’ (ie. type into Google Nothing comes up? Your site is noindexed. This is what it will look like:

convince your boss your business needs SEO

  • Non-optimised meta data. Do a ‘site search’ again. Look at the results, are you happy with page titles and meta descriptions being indexed and showing on Google results pages?

If it looks something like this you shouldn’t:

convince your boss your business needs SEO

Here you are giving Google no indication whatsoever of what your site is about, and how can you rank for relevant keywords if nowhere to be seen by Google?

If you are SEO savvy, then you could find a few things out yourself. If you don’t consider yourself to be at the best of your SEO game, then find someone who can provide you with the potential short term benefits you need to help you win your battle. But if you don’t have the expertise to do so, how do you find that weapon that can help you get to your end game?

You don’t have the budget to afford an SEO agency yet – and no one in your entourage can help you with that. Roadblock? Fear not.

Some SEO agencies will charge you for a proposal or site analysis, which can sometimes take weeks to get to you.

Goes against the quick wins principle doesn’t it?

You will thus find yourself looking for your chivalrous knight in his ( or her – we live in a modern age) white armour. That’s when you will find it more helpful than ever to drop in for some cakes and tea, or fruits and coffee. Or you could simply give us a call to discuss our SEO services.  We’ll have a chat, see what we can do for you, and find some quick wins you can use to win your boss over.

Now brace yourself, you might want to start practising your “ Welcome to the SEO side” voice.

Just saying.

And speaking from experience…

convince your boss your business needs SEO

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