Google Chromecast Has Landed In The UK, So Let’s Play!

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Agency life is busy and we’re all for gadgets that make our relaxation time better. Enter Google Chromecast. 
What Is Google Chromecast? 
The search engine giants have created a dongle that plugs straight into your television. Taking the form of a USB stick, it’s discreet and incredibly user-friendly. It allows you to stream YouTube, Netflix and even BBC iPlayer. Think of all the potential viewing possibilities- we’ve already got Breaking Bad and chick flick marathons being planned for the coming weekends. 
Is Google Chromecast Easy To Set Up?
Google Chromecast has one of the easiest set ups around. After plugging it into your TV, the dongle has no interface and is controlled via the Chromecast app, which is available for iOS and Android. Simply take your pick and broadcast via Chromecast. 
Whatever you’re streaming obviously requires an internet connection, so just make sure it’s connected to your home WiFi network. After that, you’re good to go! The beauty of the Google Chromecast is that can be controlled from your computer, smartphone or tablet- and any room in the house!
Is There Anything I Can’t Stream With Google Chromecast? 
Popular services such as 4oD and ITV Player are not available to stream at the moment, but that’s not to say they won’t be in the future. 
Saying that, you can stream browser windows through Google Chrome, but there’s no guarantee for  the quality of the content. Of course, there are updates being worked on that we expect will be rolled out over the next few months months. 
Does Google Chromecast Cost A Lot Of Money? 
At £30, the dongle doesn’t cost the earth and for the convenience it affords us, we predict that it’s going to be a popular gadget. It’s been a hotly anticipated product, especially since rumours of its existence has been talked about from the start of 2014. 
As a product that was first released in the United States last summer 2013, it’s been gaining popularity ever since. It may not seem as though this rather plain looking stick does a lot right now, but it certainly opens up the possibilities for remote mobile streaming for the future. 

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