Google Adwords Update: Website Call Conversions

Earlier this week, Google launched a new feature for Adwords – Website Call Conversions, a new tool for paid search adverts that will allow advertisers “to identify and measure calls from the website that occur after an ad click.

How does it work?

Quite simply… your paid Google adverts send users to your website where they learn more about your business and a small code snippet dynamically inserts a unique Google forwarding number on the website. The unique forwarding number will continue to display to the user for up to 90 days so you can track conversions on any future calls from that visitor. You can even customise the colour, font and size of the numbers as they appear on your site, to ensure the number blends in with the rest of your website!

Whether the user clicks on the unique forwarding number or dials it directly from their phone, you can attribute the call conversion and conversion value back to the keyword and specific paid advert, which drove the customer to your website. Moreover, you’ll be able to find out how many calls you’ve received and other useful details such as call length.

How do paid adverts lead to calls?

This FREE tool will allow paid advertisers to understand what happens after a user clicks on your ad (previous Adwords tools such as click-to-call ads, call metrics and calls as conversions only focused on those who called a business directly from search ads).

With access to this invaluable information, you will be able to find out which paid adverts and keywords are driving the most phone calls from your website – which will allow you to use your paid budget more wisely, to further boost your ROI. You will also be able to assign different values to calls coming from different pages on the website. For example, a local car dealership might assign more value to calls from their test drive page and less value to calls from their homepage.

Don’t forget to…

Automatically optimize your keyword bids to drive more calls or more valuable calls using Target CPA or Target ROAS.

These flexible bid strategies factor in signals like device, location, and time of day to make auction-time bid adjustments to maximize website call conversions and conversion value while reaching your business goals.

Setting up conversion tracking

In order to take advantage of Google’s new tool, you need to add a small piece of code to your website so that the unique Google forwarding number to be generated for each AdWords ad click.

To find out more about setting up website call conversions click here.

Website call conversion is available in countries where Google forwarding number are available (U.S., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and the UK – sorry Canada!) So, if you are curious to see how well paid ads are driving phone call sales, then perhaps Google Website Call Conversions is for you…

If you would like any more information about Website Call Conversions or any help implementing it, get in touch!

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