What to expect from an SEO Manager

What to Expect From an SEO Account Manager

Over the last few years, SEO agencies have grown in large numbers so the competition is growing. Companies will need to be able to determine which agencies are up to the challenge. The best way to ensure you choose the right agency is to ensure that the SEO Account Manager knows what the client expects and everything from the word ‘go’ is transparent.

We have put together the top things that you should expect  and get from an SEO Account Manager when you sign up to SEO services from an agency.



What to Expect from an SEO Account Manager

Honesty really is the best policy! Especially in  the world of SEO. As I have mentioned before, you can’t promise anything with SEO and nothing is every set in stone. So for both parties, it’s best that everything is transparent; this way each party will know what to expect from one another and be able to trust each other too.

If your SEO agency is telling you that you will rank on page one within three months of work with them, then sorry to tell you but they are most likely lying. This is not realistic for either the client or the SEO agency. Being on page one can be the goal, but it’s not always a certain thing. If these things are laid clear from the start and the truth is told throughout then you will have yourself a trustworthy agency.

Sometimes the results that the Account Manager was hoping or wished for don’t come in, this is where being open and transparent will be favoured the most. As previously mentioned we don’t all get it right the first time, or second or third. That’s just human nature! But you should expect your Account Manager to let you know about these instances as then everyone knows what won’t work for the account and can be crossed off for better opportunities.



what to expect from an SEO Account Manager

Communication is essential. In the world we live in there is no excuse for not communicating with people or clients.

Business owners will always need to know what work has been completed during SEO campaigns and how this has resulted in terms of profit for them. This doesn’t always have to be a big fancy meeting – a more tech-oriented agency will more than likely use email as their main contact point. Client should receive at least 1 email a week, even if it’s a just little ‘hello’ to check in or a list of good stats. Let’s face it, no one enjoys reading a long essay type of email do they?

As an account manager myself, I cannot stress the importance of communicating with the client enough. If little or no communication takes place then, unfortunately, you are likely to part ways earlier than planned.


Knowledge & Problem-solving

What to Expect from an SEO Account Manager

An SEO account manager should have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to SEO, whether it being technical knowledge or social media knowledge there should be something known for each. After all, SEO covers a lot more than just link building nowadays.

Delving into problems is also covered here with knowledge. Having the knowledge and experience to know how to tackle problems or to analyse data in order to solve an issue on a site is also important. An Account Manager is there to answer any of the client’s questions – they rely on the knowledge of that Account Manager to answer them and give them confidence that everything is running smoothly.


Organisation & Time Keeping

What to Expect from an SEO Account Manager

Most Account Managers will have more than one client’s account to work on every month, numbers ranging depending on the size of the agency and the size of the clients that they have. With this is mind it’s important that the Account Manager is organised and an efficient time keeper.

If I put myself on the other end and think of myself as being a client of an SEO agency, I would expect all work on my account to be done every month and on time. I don’t think that this is much to ask from the client’s point of view obviously, but sometimes it isn’t always that easy as different issues that can arise. However, this is where communication comes into play. If an SEO Account Manager has a problem or an issue with any of the client’s work then it’s essential that they are in contact with the client to tell them. At the end of the day it’s better to have an honest and transparent relationship than one full of (white) lies. It will work out for better for both parties this way.



What to Expect from an SEO Account Manager

You can’t promise anyone anything in the world of SEO, nothing is ever 100% predictable. This is why it’s important for an Account Manager and an SEO team not to give up if they don’t get the exact results they were hoping for.

This is especially true when it comes to expectations. Being on page one should be a goal, not an expectation.  

Being motivated as an Account Manager is essential to help keep the rest of the team motivated and achieving great results. I’m a great believer in the fact  that hard work pays off, so having an Account Manager who gets back up after being knocked down is an account manager that you should stick with. We don’t all get it right the first time!



What to Expect from an SEO Account Manager

Nobody wants a lazy Account Manager or SEO agency do they?

An Account Manager should be pro-active on your account. This can be from just showing you the results achieved before you ask for them or letting you know of any opportunities that they are looking at or even just thinking about for your account. After all, you have hired them to do the work and not visa versa!

If you know that your Account Manager is always on the ball and constantly jumping on opportunities or communicating with your before you ask them for something, then you know that you can trust them to the job. This allows everyone to have peace of mind that the job is being done correctly and successfully.

If you would like to be sure to get the above from an SEO Agency, please do contact us for more information about our SEO services.