The Digital PR Round-Up: What Happened in The PR World in April 2018?

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April was a busy month for the crew at Ricemedia – from doing a talk about Fake News and SEO at ManyMinds, to discussing how to get good quality links without spending £0, it’s all been going on.  Alongside this, the world of Public Relations has thrived over the last few weeks, with some excellent PR campaigns and news flooding this ever changing sector. April saw the first bit of real sun in 2018 (heatwave!), which meant many a PR person quickly sent out ice creams to Journalists to celebrate. One of the lower points (for Mark Zuckerberg) was the fall out from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (we’ll go more into this later). Our Digital PR department has had a great month, with some ace coverage on the Independent for one client and we’ve got many exciting projects in the pipeline for May and beyond.   

So let’s get down to it. Here is all you need to know about what’s happened in the world of Digital PR (and traditional PR, Content Marketing and so on!) in April 2018.

1. PR went made for April Fools Day

Every year April 1st rolls around and brands display hilarious campaigns with fake products and news in a bid to trick their customers (that Chocolate Whopper looked so good). If there’s one industry who loves April Fools  more than anyone else, you can guarantee that it’s the world of PR! Some may say that trickery on April 1st is getting a little old and tiresome, but the industry keeps coming out with great campaigns every year. The Telegraph did a great round-up – but here are two of our faves:

Where’s Waldo (Wally here in the UK) on Google Maps

Google’s Annual April Fools joke was a good one this year; they gave Google Map users the chance to find the beloved Children’s Book Character hiding somewhere inside of Maps. This went down a storm with the press and gained loads of coverage!


Burger King’s Chocolate Whopper Burger

If you’re an avid reader of Ricemedia’s Digital PR blogs, you’ll know we’re big fans of Burger King’s PR efforts and their Aprils Fools joke did not disappoint. Take a look at this bad boy – The Chocolate Whopper Burger (need we say more?)


2. We gave some great link building tips from BrightonSEO

We don’t mean to brag but our Head of Search, Queen Laura killed it at Brighton SEO when she gave her awesome talk about how to get ace links for no money at all. Laura spoke during the Link Building section of the day – she was sandwiched in between two other great talks on achieving great quality links. First was Greg Gifford and his presentation on getting great local links, and Laura was followed by Marie Turner, who gave us insight in effective link building for ecommerce. We got some great takeaways from all the talks and we’re ready to apply some of these tips to our current Digital PR and link building strategies! 



3. Westworld sent a robot to a London Pub

This is one PR campaign that really stood out to us in April, and it wasn’t just because we’re all dead excited about Westworld returning to our screens. To promote the hotly anticipated second season of HBO’s Western-meets-AI dystopian TV series Westworld, NOW TV, the streaming service in which you can watch the show, sent a real life robot to The Prince Alfred pub in Maida Vale in west London for a swift pint. The realistic robot gained many reactions from the pub goers and also lots of coverage in the news to promote the show.

4. ‘Facebook in PR crisis mode’

As mentioned, April was a pretty poor month for Facebook and it’s owner Mark Zuckerberg. After having to testify before congress following revelations of Cambridge Analytica gathering personal data of millions of Facebook Users, the social media giant was quickly declared as being in a mass PR crisis. It’ll will be interesting to see how they can get their reputation back up to scratch.

Although this was a very serious matter for all those involved, we struggle to see the end of Facebook coming anytime soon, and one truly great thing to come out of this is that Mark became one of this years most hilarious meme sensations.



5. There were some awesome PR campaigns

Obviously, our April 2018 Digital PR round-up wouldn’t be much of a round-up without some of our favourite PR campaigns that have come out of this month. Without further ado, here are a couple of campaigns we loved, laughed and cried over… 

Tip Advisor PR Campaign

GoCompare, the insurance comparison site, created this cool interactive map which shows how much you’re expected to tip in different countries. An issue i’m sure we’ve all faced at one time or another, but thanks to this handy guide, there will be no more problems. The guys at GoCompare know a thing or two about making great linkable content, in fact Ricemedia got to see a few of team give talks when we went to the Many Minds Give It A Go event –  read all about it.  



Pukka Pie: Chips or Mash?

The age old debate; do you have chips or mash with your pie? We can practically hear the North/South divide at the audacity of even considering one over the other. So to celebrate National Pie Week (yeah, us neither) the pie gods, Pukka Pies, put this to the test. The nationwide poll gained lots of attention and lots of votes, with chips edging their way to the fount with 56% of the votes.


So that finishes our monthly Digital PR roundup. If you’d like some advice regarding either your PR or link building strategies, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re more than happy to help!