What is Digital PR?

What is Digital PR? Everything you need to know.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a branch of Public Relations that focuses solely on online publications, blogs and influencers with an aim of positively influencing a brands target audience and increasing their online presence.

This is done by building relationships with online journalists and bloggers to gain online coverage and high-quality backlinks. When done properly Digital PR can increase your SEO rankings, build a positive reputation for your business and get your website in the forefront of your customers.   

Who offers digital PR?

There tends to be two types of agencies offering digital PR, the first being tradition PR agencies who mainly focused on gaining coverage and news for their clients in print publications, now tuning into online publications as it overtakes print news.

The second being SEO agencies offering Digital PR as an arm of their SEO strategy. Both have the same aim of positioning their clients in front of their online audiences, however, SEO agencies will also bring the added benefit of having a digital PR strategy which will focus on your SEO efforts. You can find out how Digital PR and SEO benefit each other here


What is digital PR?


How to measure your digital PR success?

One of the main issues with traditional PR was measuring the success of a piece of coverage. It is somewhat of a struggle to quantify the impact of a specific piece of coverage. Whereas with Digital PR it is a lot easier as everything online can be tracked and monitored. There are also many useful tools out there to gauge the success of online mentions and links, such as:

  • Google analytics is your first point of call. Once you’ve gained a piece of online coverage, you’re then able to look at spikes in traffic which will have been generated by the piece.
  • Tools such as Coverage Book can help collate all your coverage together and pull together helpful stats, such as the total readership and average domain authority.
  • Other useful tools like SharedCount show how many times a URL has been shared across major social platforms- in this case putting in your online coverage will be able to reveal how many times and on which platform the pieces were shared.

What makes a good piece of digital PR coverage?

As the old saying goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’. Whilst this is true in some respects; links or mentions of your brand across the internet will help Google to see your website as having a strong domain authority, as there are certain links which can hinder your SEO efforts. This is where your trusty disavow comes in, just make sure Google knows you don’t want to associate with those bad links.

When outreaching with your top PR story, aim for high-authority, trusted websites. These sites also need to be relevant to the brand to get the most engagement from the readers. You want to be positioning your brand in front of their target audience as much as possible.


how does digital pr and seo benefit eachother

How can digital PR help my digital marketing strategy?

Digital PR should be an arm of your SEO strategy, after all both of their main aims is to get the relevant target audiences to your website. Digital PR also has the added benefit of being able to positively position your brand as a leader in their market sector and in turn, generating relevant leads it to your website.


If you’d like some advice regarding your Digital PR strategy, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Ricemedia – we’re more than happy to help!

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