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The Digital Marketing Monthly Round-Up: 10 Things That Happened in November 2017

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Goodbye Autumn and hello Winter! The nation jumped out of bed to open the very first window of their advent calendar (FINALLY), and it really is the season to be jolly! We’ve seen the festivities kick off in November – the office flocked to New Street after the biggest Frankfurt Market outside of Germany came back to Birmingham, where we all indulged in alcoholic hot chocolate, wheat beer and mulled wine. Peaky Blinders returned to our TV screens (hello Cillian Murphy!) and Nintendo released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for smartphone. The Ricemedia team have also welcomed three new people to the team, and we’ve seen some great results for our clients in the build-up to Christmas. It’s now time to prepare for a loss of dignity at the office Christmas party, and brace the freezing shopping centres to do your Christmas shopping. As per usual, the PPC, Digital PR, SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing world have seen some amazing updates, and we’re here to tell you about them. So, pop the heating on, get a hot chocolate and get ready to read the penultimate digital marketing round-up of 2017! Here are 10 awesome things that happened in digital marketing this November.

1. Online sales for Black Friday increased by 18%

According to The Balance, this year the number of people going out to stores on Black Friday and Thanksgiving has dropped by 4% from 2016, but online sales have seen an increase of 18%. This means that the day after Americans across the US celebrated everything they were grateful for  (which is: during the 1600’s, the Pilgrims raided Native American graves, took advantage of Wampanoag tribes who were dying of disease and then stole their land from them), they then rushed to the Internet to buy more stuff to be grateful for… If we ignore the irony and focus on a Digital Marketing perspective, this rise in online shopping is not at all surprising, but what is interesting is that over 40% of online shopping came from mobile devices. If this doesn’t show ecommerce businesses the importance of optimising your site for mobile, and mobile SEO, we don’t know what will…


Online sales rose by 18% this black friday - Pocahontas


2. We looked at 10 common cardinal AdWords mistakes & how to fix them

Every business, agency and individual has their own approach when it comes to running their own AdWords campaign, and it’s not at all shocking to see some of the rookie mistakes many people make. Our PPC expert, Marc decided it was time to put a stop to these mistakes, as they can harm the successes of your campaign. So, check out his tips and tricks on how to fix those AdWords mistakes and make your campaign work… Read more here.


AdWords Mistakes Ru Pauls Drag Race


3. CEO of The Natural Sapphire Company faces prison after forging court order for Google to remove defamation

This month, Search Engine Land reported that the CEO of The Natural Sapphire Company is facing prison time after pleading guilty to forging a court order and giving it to Google. This act of desperation came after The Natural Sapphire Company chose to sever their contract with an offshore web development company, who then hijacked The Natural Sapphire Company’s website and unleashed a campaign of fake reviews and fraudulent PPC clicks in a bid to defame the company. Sales plummeted and the company fell into a ‘state of disrepair’.  After months of seeking legal actions and going to the FBI, Michael Arnstein forged a judge’s signature on court documents that he submitted to Google, asking them to remove negative reviews about the company from their SERPs. If this story tells us anything, it is that the online protection of businesses across the world is dire – we’re interested to see how this case turns out, as it has potential to completely change Digital Marketing’s future. Read more here.


Threatening note from extortionist harasser that attacked The Natural Sapphire Company with fraudulent PPC ad clicks
Source: Search Engine Land Threatening note from extortionist harasser that attacked The Natural Sapphire Company with fraudulent PPC ad clicks.


4. Snapchat sells  audience-targeted Filters via self-serve ads tool

This month Snapchat introduced an alternative to its Sponsored Geofilters, via an ad format called Audience Filters that can be targeted to specific audiences regardless of location. These can be bought through its updated self-serve ad-buying tool, Ads Manager. This isn’t the only update that Snapchat is making to Ads Manager. The self-serve tool is getting a broader refresh to unify the various sections of Snapchat’s online ad platform in a way that resembles Facebook’s. Find out more here.


snpachat new ads

5. We looked at how to run a successful Christmas campaign via social media

With Christmas just around the corner, if you haven’t started thinking about your Christmas campaign then it’s probably time to panic (but only a little). The shops started to fill with present opportunities for loved ones in September, and ultimately, the pressure is turned up for businesses to get customers in through the doors or onto their website. From scheduling your social messages to adding a few festive graphics, you can follow our tips here.


christmas social media rules


6. Mozilla drops Yahoo search engine in favour of Google

This month, Mozilla announced that they have terminated their search deal with Yahoo, meaning that their new browser, Firefox Quantum, will feature Google as the default search provider. Google will also become the default search engine in the US, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Up until 2014, Google was the default search engine for Mozilla, before they dropped Google for Yahoo. After a three year break, they’ve taken Google back and said goodbye to Yahoo… Find out more here.


monthly round up


7. Facebook is telling publishers & creators the top Pages that shared their videos

Facebook is now giving brands, publishers and creators information regarding who’s contributing to their videos’ viewership on the social network. The information is under a new tab and shows all Pages globally, and lists the top five Pages that reshared the videos they posted on Facebook. The five Pages are selected and ordered based on the number of views that their reshares generated. This idea is similar to YouTubes playbook, as the analytics will show Pages helping other Pages, giving the option for collaboration. Check it out here.


Facebook pages update


8. We looked at how Digital PR and SEO benefit each other.

Digital PR is a great aspect of your SEO strategy, as you can build high-quality backlinks to your site, whilst promoting brand awareness. From helping boost keywords to learning new techniques for your trade, there are numerous ways Digital PR and SEO benefit each other. Check it out here.


keywords digital pr and seo


9. Google adds a new feature to job listings 

Recruiters and job hunters rejoice! This month, Google announced that they are adding salary, location and application details in their job listing search results. These newly added features enable those on the job hunt to find estimated pay ranges for positions based on aspects such as job titles, locations and the companies posting the job. There is also a location filter option so that job searches can be limited to postings within a certain area. Check it out here.


friends jobs


10. McDonald’s and Pretty Little Thing had social media blunders…

This month we noticed two very big brands with strong social followings across their platforms had an embarrassing mishap… Clothing brand, Pretty Little Thing had a scheduling mishap and published Happy New Year post to their Facebook page on November 29th, and fast food chain McDonald’s forgot to add content to a scheduled tweet…. Remember, proofreading and double checking your scheduled posts can stop hilarious mistakes like these…


McDonalds Social media Fail

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