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In the world of SEO it’s always been important to drive traffic to your site through building links from other sites, but thanks to the likes of Google’s Penguin algorithm and their spooky Google’s Phantom Update released in February 2017, it’s become even more crucial to ensure that these links are of a high quality, as sites with poor links are now being penalised and pushed down the Google rankings.

To help you improve your rankings and build up a repertoire of strong links, here at Ricemedia we’ve put our heads together and come up with some fun and creative ways to help you build effective links to your site that will simultaneously provide you with both quick wins and increased traffic levels.

Use Quora

Quora is a great and highly underrated site that can allow you to achieve high-quality links, with minimal effort, in no time at all. As an online forum with over 100 million users visiting the site every month, Quora is the perfect platform for you to showcase your company’s professionalism and expertise – especially if you work in the technical field. Making a company Quora profile can allow you to interact and engage with your customers and clients, answering questions, dealing with queries and sharing your businesses’ knowledge, and of course, providing you with ample opportunity to build relevant links towards your business’ site.


Creative ways to link build

Publish content on Medium

Essentially an online blogging community, Medium is an underused site with tremendous untapped SEO potential. With over 30 million monthly users, Medium has a strong following and has the added bonus of an incredibly high trust flow which can help promote secure active links to your own site. Allowing you to showcase articles, posts and your findings with users, you can use Medium to increase public engagement with your business, and raise your social profile, all whilst embedding relevant links to your own company that can drive traffic to your own website.


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Create content for Buzzfeed

A site for the millennials, BuzzFeed is currently one of the biggest online communities around with over 650 million global users and 9 billion content views a month. A fun and vibrant site for young people, BuzzFeed is often overlooked when it comes to SEO in favour of more ‘serious’ sites and publications. However, when used properly BuzzFeed can actually be incredibly beneficial for your business’ SEO. Since BuzzFeed allows community members to post their own content, this provides an excellent means for businesses to create engaging posts that will do well socially and resonate with younger audiences. Admittedly it is primarily ‘lifestyle’ businesses that do well on BuzzFeed, but as long as the content is fresh, fun and filled with popular culture references, there’s a strong chance that your article can be shared and seen by hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of days.


creative ways to link build

Make a Wikipedia page

Admittedly this is not a link building technique that works for every business, but it’s certainly one that can be implemented with some companies. Wikipedia boasts a staggering number of 32 million registered users, and 43 million pages, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to contribute to this internet encyclopedia. If your business has a rich history, is culturally significant or else has another unique feature or element, it could well be worth making a Wikipedia page for the company. This could feature history, achievements and other important importation that could get your business ranking higher and your website’s engagement moving ever upwards.


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Sign up for Pinterest

With over 150 million active users a month, and with 87% of ‘Pinners’ having brought a product or service because of Pinterest; it’s safe to say that Pinterest is swiftly becoming an incredibly prominent social platform, and a powerful business tool within its own right. When used correctly Pinterest can generate a great deal of traffic towards your website both on a national and international scale. Though many associate Pinterest primarily with product based and ‘lifestyle’ services, this certainly doesn’t mean that other companies can’t reap the many benefits that Pinterest has to offer. From infographics on motoring engines to business accountancy advice, to self-motivation quotes, there’s a following for anything and everything on Pinterest, and so long as you create and ‘pin’ visually compelling images and content, you will soon witness for yourself just how much traffic and engagement Pinterest can bring to your business.


creative ways to build links


Utilise SEMRush Gap Analysis

For a quick and guaranteed link building win, look no further than SEM Rush for all your digital marketing needs. A highly useful SEO tool, SEM Rush contains a number of features and elements that can be utilised and implemented to help with your digital marketing campaigns. However, one particularly underused addition of SEM Rush is the Gap Analysis tool. By entering your own site and up to 5 competitor URL’s, you can generate a comprehensive list of websites that your competitors are linked to in comparison to you. By analysing this information you can easily implement this knowledge into your own strategy and stealthily target these links as well, finding the best websites to strengthen your own rankings and Google positioning.

If you need help or advice on creating links to your business’ site, contact one of our expert team today and we’ll help give your business the Google recognition it deserves.  

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