Brighton SEO April – Big Links for £0 Slides | Ricemedia

Brighton SEO April 2018 was bigger and better than ever (we feel like we say this every time!) – there were a host of new speakers, and some Brighton SEO alumni graced the main stage once again. Laura Hogan, our very own Head of Search presented her talk ‘Big Links for £0′ during the afternoon session – check it out below.


Big Links for £0000 

Who says you need to spend £££ to achieve top quality links?! You don’t…. Here’s my advice for getting the best links without parting with your cash, and not an infographic in sight.”



The key takeaways from the talk are:

  • Look for unlinked brand mentions.
  • Track down Journalists.
  • Monitor Journo Requests.
  • Utilise news jacking.
  • PR and News is a great way to get free links!
  • FOI requests are ideal for statistical campaigns.

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