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September’s Brighton SEO introduced many new things.

The event doubled in size, moved to a new venue and I got the opportunity to speak for the first time.

View my slides below:

The other talks from the day are below:


Stacey MacNaught: Lessons from Link Building in 2009 that Apply Today

Paul Madden: Navigating an ocean of link data, a former pirates story

Hannah Smith: Art, virtual snowballs, & the feels (or why beer is rarely the answer


Dave Naylor: The hidden pitfalls of ecommerce SEO

Rob Watson: 6 weird Google Shopping feed hacks that retailers will love!

David Whatley: Why local search should be part of your e-commerce strategy


Tom Anthony: Emerging types of Search

Stephen Kenwright: Best practice is not enough


Dara Fitzgerald: Analytics 360 Suite: Is it a game changer?

Dr Jess Spate: Custom variables in Google Tag Manager

Anna Lewis: Analytics horror stories

International Success

Dewi Nawasari: Sharing framework for international success

Christina Xu: Creating digital success in China

Justyna Wilner: Utilising Yandex to grow in Russia


Shyam Dattani: How a data-driven approach to content can make your online-business internationally successful

Sam Thomas: Does CTR really affect website performance?

Chris Bullick: How a reviews strategy helps your SEO?

Customer Experience

Martin Chillcott: Content Marketing, approaching it as a publisher

Content Marketing

Steve Linney: Why email rules content marketing

Helene Hall: Content marketing framework

Simon Bennison: How to put a price on digital content

Content Strategy

Martijn Scheijbeler: Content Marketing, approaching it as a publisher

Lauren Greatorex: No Idea? How to create B2B marketing campaign ideas that sell.

Kirsty Hulse: Why we need to stop avoiding content personalisation


Christoph Cemper: 7 more things you didn’t know about links and redirects

Aisha Kellaway: 5 ways to use PR, and fuel your digital strategy (beyond link building)

Sophie Turton: Getting your users to do your content marketing for you


Yiğit Konur: Keyword research in autopilot by Google spreadsheet macros

Lizzie De Freitas: How we search on mobile

International Marketing

Marcin Chirowski: How to create an international blog to boost your SEO

Emily Mace: Domain strategies for international succes

Felipe Rossi: Developing personas for international Social Media


Jon Earnshaw: How to avoid a site migration disaster

Aleyda Solis: How to Drive Growth through your SEO Audits: Questions, Validations & Tools to Maximize your Results

Malcolm Coles: SEO for news. We do WHAT?


Andy Beal: Reputation Roadkill: learning from the biggest brands’ biggest blunders

Will Critchlow: SEO split tests you should be running

Marketing Automation

Shane Redding: Marketing Automation Masterclass


Bas van den Beld: The psychology behind the content

Olga Andrienko:
Tinder science of A/B testing and conversion optimisation

Maria White:
Blogging from inside a conflict


Phil Nottingham: Optimizing video across social media platforms

Greg Gifford: How to be a Facebook Advert Superhero

Paul Curry: Building Viral Web Toys At Lightning Speed

SEO Dystopia

Mike Briggs: SEO is Dead

Jono Alderson: Surviving the machine revolution: how to become the digital marketer of the future

Luke Regan: Pokemon Go Impacting Local Search for Businesses

Voice Search

Daniel Kershaw: This talks going to be fleek, bruh! Detections of language change and evolutions in Online Social Networks.

Purna Virji: Are you Prepared for Voice Search?

Christian Ward:
How to speak search engine


Berian Reed: Moving the dial

Richard Petersen: How to build a business case for SEO fixes

Laura Crimmons: Finding the value of Digital PR beyond the links


Steve Morgan: SEO & Civil Law: Protecting Yourself from Unfortunate Client Disputes

Cosmin Negrescu: An agency’s strategy to ABC: Always Be Closing!

Briony Gunson: Integration, Integration & Integration: SEO and Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Kate Barrett: Email Marketing Masterclass

Local SEO

Christian Ward – Why Local Search Is Essential for Brands And Agencies Who Serve Them


Myles Anderson: 5 Key Trends Shaping the Future of Local Search

Simon Jacobson: If I built the world’s first search engine from scratch today, what would it look like

Jimisha Thakrar: Humanising Search; Au Naturale

Content Success

Paddy Moogan: Sustainable content marketing

Lexi Mills: Overcoming Launch Fear

Lisa Myers: How changing your mind can make you successful

Onsite Performance

Fili Wiese: Making your website record-breaking fast

Will Quick: Attribution: Making Sense of the Chaos

Meghan Burton: Why the “new keyword = new page approach to SEO” is bonkers

Tech SEO

Mark Thomas: Log Files: 5 critical Tech SEO questions your logs can answer

Chris Green: .htaccess Hell – Managing a Migration When There’s No “catch all” Answer

Nils De Moor: How HTTP/2 will change the web as we know it


Roll on April 2017!

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