The Best 2018 Winter Olympics Google Doodles

From Lizzy Yarnold’s stellar skeleton racing, to Gus Kentworthy’s heart warming kiss, to Ester Ledecka’s record breaking success, we’ve religiously followed and loved every single heart stopping second of the the 2018 Winter Olympics; and we have some substantial withdrawal symptoms to say the least!

To help us cope with the Olympic sized absence in our lives, we decided to combine our two greatest loves (Google Doodles and cartoon animals) into one winter Olympic themed blog post that’s guaranteed to inject a little Friday fun into your life! So grab yourself a spare five minutes, put the kettle on and take a look at some of the Ricemedia team’s favourite Winter Olympic Google Doodles of 2018!

The Start of the Doodle Snow Games

Of course we had to begin with the one that started it all. This Google Doodle was the perfect way to kick start the 2018 Winter Olympic games with a bang, and we’d be lying if we said our hearts didn’t melt a little at the sight of all those cartoon animals sledding down the slopes and skating around the rink!

The Snowboarding Google Doodle

The PyeongChang Winter Olympic games were filled with spectacular snowboarders who took our breath away with their daring stunts and runs. From the rising stardom of Red Gerard, to the emotional moment of Chloe Kim’s gold win, there was never a dull moment on the slopes! That’s why we love this cheerful Google Doodle that celebrates the Winter Olympics’ snowboarding success!

The Luge Google Doodle

Maybe it’s the bleary eyed ‘raccoon dog’? Maybe it’s the classically comical falling off a cliff animation sequence? Whatever it is we can’t get enough of this hysterical Google Doodle! The perfect memorable tribute to the gripping Luge event, it’s a firm team favourite.

The Wintry Valentine’s Google Doodle

Here at Ricemedia, we can’t deny that we have a slight soft spot for a bit of romantic mush now and then, and that’s why we can’t help but rank the Winter Olympics Valentine’s Doodle as one of our favourites. Showing that love and friendship lie at the core of the Games, it’s a beautiful Google Doodle that never fails to melts our hearts.

valentines google doodle

The Cross-Country Skiing Google Doodle

Google’s take on the ever iconic fable of the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ is the perfect way to celebrate the 2018 Olympic cross-country skiing event. Starting out as rivals, a turn of events sees both the hare and the tortoise teaming up to cross the finishing line. Perfectly representing the endurance and the determination that is needed to succeed in this challenging event, we think that this Google Doodle certainly deserves a placement!

skiing Google Doodle

The Winter Hockey Google Doodle

Squirrels running around after acorns? Sounds oddly familiar, almost as if we’ve seen an animated film about this already…Perhaps that warm familiarity is why the Winter Olympic Hockey inspired Google Doodle scored so highly amongst the Ricemedia team. Featuring beloved cartoon squirrels and hilarious hockey antics, it’s a must watch for any Doodle fan!

winter hockey Google Doodle

The Farewell Winter Olympics Google Doodle

In the wise words of Nelly Furtardo, all good things come to an end, and we eventually had to bid a sad farewell to the 2018 Winter Olympic Google Doodles. But luckily Google didn’t disappoint with its last animation. A beautifully touching Doodle that saw all the animal competitors coming together to watch the fireworks at the end of the Winter Games, this animation left a lasting impression on everyone in the Ricemedia team to say the least. Perfectly capturing the sense of togetherness that made the Winter Olympics so special, it paid homage to the events, the athletes and every participating country, in a beautifully simplistic way that only Google could effortlessly capture.

fireworks Google Doodle

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