The Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

When you’re deep in your workflow and you need a helping hand, Chrome extensions can be your best friend – especially when it comes to all things SEO. Whether it’s productivity you need a hand with or a shortcut to uncover those sneaky backlinks, the Google Chrome Store has you covered! Continue reading to find out the extensions that will make your job just that little bit easier.

1. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

If you’re already a fan of Majestic’s website and the many ways you can delve into a website, you’ll love this extension. Without having to go to a separate page to use an analysis tool, with just a couple of clicks, your chosen site’s stats are presented to you in super simple, super helpful tables. Within a matter of seconds, you can find out a site’s Trust Flow, Citation Flow, number of External Backlinks and Referring Domains, acting as a mini competitor analysis for you and your team to work from. There’s also no need to worry about having an account with Majestic as the free version still provides plenty of SEO gems!


Majestic Backlink Analyser


2. Fat Rank

A personal favourite, this tool is great for quick check-ups on your clients and their keyword rankings. Without having to enter a ranking tool on another page, you can simply open Fat Rank, type in your chosen keyword and its position and the URL it links to will be shown; perfect for on-the-spot queries and even prospective clients.


Best Chrome Extensions Fat Rank


3. Email Tracker

If you’ve ever done outreach or hunted down a cheeky guest blog opportunity, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you don’t hear back from your emails. Along with learning how to really improve your outreach tactics, this is where Email Tracker comes in handy, acting as your personal fly on the wall in your recipient’s inbox. The standard version of the extension allows you to see how many times your email has been opened and the time of the day when these openings also happen. If your email has been opened a number of times without a reply, you can often take this as a good indication that they’re interested; this is then the prime opportunity for you to send a follow-up email and get that link!

Email Tracker

4. Keywords Everywhere

If you’ve ever done a keyword research task for a client, you know how overwhelming the vast lists of suggestions can sometimes be. Before you find those few key terms to focus on, you have to sift through what seems like a never ending range of suggestions, often revealing some very odd search queries. Keywords Everywhere is a really handy little plug-in for your Chrome browser that helps to cut out the middle-man, so to speak, and provide you with keyword stats in no time. Make sure your settings are configured for your country, search for your desired keyword on Google and the keyword’s results will show just under the search box! It’s a time efficient way to gather keyword stats, especially when working with prospective clients.


SEO tools

5. Meta SEO Inspector

This one’s great for everyone but particularly those who dabble in technical SEO. The Meta SEO Inspector is a clever little extension that allows you to view a site’s meta information, without having to navigate away from the page you’re already on. With just one click, you can easily find out the existing (and missing!) information for the page that you’re on, from meta titles to schema. This will be your best friend when looking for quick wins in terms of optimisation and other on-site changes.

meta title and descriptions tool


If you’re impressed with these handy extensions but could do with some extra guidance with SEO, contact a member of our experienced team today.

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