Best Free Chrome Plugins For Technical SEO, Linkbuilding & Analysis

Time is a massive pain point for us all, so we need apps and plugins to help with our productivity and give us quick top line overviews.  With so many plugins out there, which ones are the best and what can they help you with?  We’ve selected 5 of our favourite free Chrome plugins to aid with Technical SEO, Linkbuilding & Analysis:

Majestic SEO
Use for: Linkbuilding & Analysis

Majestic SEO Plugin
Click here to add the Majestic SEO Chrome Plugin

The Majestic SEO plugin is an excellent way to quickly judge the quality of a website, making it a must have when linkbuilding. The plugin details the Trust Flow & Citation Flow for any website, and even a specific page; allowing you to quickly see if the site is of a high quality and therefore worth approaching for a link.

If you’re a Majestic SEO subscriber then you do have more information such as Backlink data and Anchor Text available, saving you logging into the main site and really benefiting competitor analysis work.


Use for: Analysis

Click here to add the Mozcast Chrome Plugin

The Mozcast is one of the most reliable ways of seeing if there’s widespread turbulence in Google’s Algorithms; giving you a great idea if there are algorithm changes a foot.  The hotter the number on the weather chart and the stormier the symbol, the more likely there are to be algorithm changes.

What’s great is that this plugin updates itself daily and displays the weather symbol and heat, meaning that you can give it a quick glance every morning.


Use for: Technical SEO, Linkbuilding & Analysis

Click here to add the Woorank Chrome Plugin

Woorank is a brilliant plugin that displays technical and competitive metrics for any website & specific page. It tells you all the on-site features of the page, such as title tag, description, H1, H2s; as well as keyword used on the page, making it great for competitor analysis.  For Technical SEO you can see sitemaps, robots.txt, URL quality, broken links plus more.

Woorank even has social metrics, allowing you to see social images, likes, followers, tweet numbers & whether accounts are verified.  This can be really useful for linkbuilding, as you can see the potential reach a site has.

What makes Woorank stand out from other tools is that it not only gives this detail for desktop, but for mobile too and with the April Google update, we know that mobile is now more important than ever.


Page Analytics
Use for: Analysis

Page Analytics
Click here to add the Page Analytics Chrome plugin

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools used to analyse site performance metrics such as traffic, bounce rate & time on site.  With Page Analytics you get to see this this data, plus in page click rates, as well as real-time figures for any page on your site.

What’s great about this plugin is that you can change the date range and even do date comparisons; giving you excellent insight into the performance of specific pages on your site.  You’ll only be able to see data for a site that you have Google Analytics access to though, so you do need to make sure you’re logged into your Analytics account for this plugin to work.


Tag Assistant
Use for: Technical SEO & Analysis

Tag Assistant
Click here to add the Tag Assistant Chrome Plugin

Google Tag Assistant lets you know exactly what tags are firing on each specific page of your site and whether they’re working correctly.  This is great way to test if your tags and code, such as the Google Analytics Tracking Code are working and can help you to quickly troubleshoot any code related issues.

If you also use Google Tag Manager then these two plugins work hand in hand and to save you even more time, you can set the Tag Assistant plugin to automatically check specific domains every time you visit them.


Bonus: Note Anywhere
Use for: Technical SEO, Linkbuilding & Organisation!

Note Anywhere
Click here to add the Note Anywhere Chrome plugin

This is a great plugin that pretty much allows you to leave virtual Post-It notes all over the internet. Even better, you can leave the page and the next time you return the note will still be there.

Say for example you’ve contacted a site for a guest posting opportunity and they’ve accepted; you can then leave a note on the site, so that the next time you visit you know they’re worth contacting again.  Or from a Technical SEO perspective, you could leave notes with the specific page errors you’ve requested to be fixed and remove the notes as they’re completed.


There are many other free Chrome plugins available to aid with your Search Marketing activities.  Let us know which ones you use in the comments below or tweet us @ricemedia. For more information about our SEO & Search Marketing services then contact Sam today.

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