6 Ways Digital PR and SEO Benefit Each Other

The worlds of SEO and Digital PR can be pretty terrifying. It’s just like being faced with the hummus section at the supermarket, there is a broad range of possibilities, with so many different combinations that actually making the right decision at that very moment, can lead to either disappointment, or a level of satisfaction that is so uplifting, that no moment can ever seem to lift you that high again. Well, until your next bit of hummus or win.

But as we go down the road of SEO and Digital PR, (sadly further away from hummus), there are various different ways in which the deviating aspects of each benefit each other. So without further adieu, check out Rice’s 6 ways your Digital PR should be benefiting your SEO.

1. Teaching of the Ways

In order to work in tandem with each other, you need to understand how SEO and Digital PR work. Without being educated, achieving an optimum digital marketing strategy that best suits you is no easy task. This can either be achieved by getting employees to work more in sync with each other, or by running small training sessions where each specialist can show others different elements of their day to day jobs.

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2. Sharing is Caring

Once Digital PR and SEO teams understand the roles of each other, they can start to share what they do. This, in turn, will break the barriers that once stood between them, allowing for seamless collaboration and excellent results. For example, SEO experts can show Digital PR specialists how to track links through analytics, and PRs can share their knowledge of the best ways to get a link back from a journalist. If Digital PR knows why SEO is important, and SEO knows what Digital PR outreach tactics are used, they can mould.   

sharing is caring

3. Key is the Word

Keyword research results are something that should be shared across an entire digital marketing campaign. The words and phrases used across a website’s content should also be applied to a press release, and any other content used in a campaign. This means that when journalists and bloggers pick up your press release, there is a chance they will use the keywords you’re aiming to get your site to rank for. Keywords also allow you to build a more focused SEO campaign, thus leading to a higher ROI.

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4. Alignment of Messages

If keywords can be shared, then so can the statements of intent. Neither department should have varying messages, they should be aligned to mean the same thing, to ensure that no mixed messages are portrayed out to the public. Content is king, and knowing how to keep your own onsite content fresh and aligning it with the outreach done by a Digital PR team creates better brand identity.


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5. Brand Awareness

By ensuring that a universal sense of brand identity is achieved, Digital PR has the opportunity to start working on brand awareness. Digital PR takes the lead on this aspect, outreaching to as many publications, bloggers and other sources as possible to make sure that people can be made aware of your brand. Even if outreach doesn’t result in a link, it can still appear within articles and blog posts, but Google will see the brand mention and that will help in terms of SERPs.


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6. The Generation of Links

Generating links is ultimately something that you will really want to achieve, especially from a Digital PR perspective. This, in turn will increase traffic to your site and in turn give SEO specialists something to shout about and build on. In turn, SEO specialists can look at competitor backlinks , shedding light on the publications and platforms that digital PR specialists could target when it comes to gaining coverage. Knowing what link building strategies will work best for you is important, for both SEO and Digital PR to be entirely maximised.

And that’s that. Want to know how RiceMedia can assist you with all things Organic SEO, Technical SEO, Digital PR, and the rest of the digital marketing world? Get in touch with one of our maestros today.

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