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6 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2019

What a year it’s been for Social Media marketing in 2018. There have been some amazing highs (the dramatic rise of Instagram and influencer marketing), and also some lows (remember Cambridge Analytica?). But overall, it’s been a productive year. So how can 2019 top it?

We’ve collated our top six predictions for social media marketing in 2019 below. Let’s see how many of them come true!

1. CEOs get more Social 

In an age where everyone is under scrutiny on social media, nowhere is that more apparent than with businesses. If you work with social media platforms daily, you’ll know that someone is going to want to talk to a higher-up, and you can’t get any higher than a CEO.

We’re expecting CEOs to start playing a much bigger role in Social Media. In fact, we expect them to take to platforms themselves to be more vocal. It’s a sign of trust to customers, especially after this year’s breach of data usage.

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2. Live Video Content

It’s already been a big part of 2018, so it makes sense that in 2019 Live video is still growing. Audiences have even more access to create User Generated content (UGC) that would help businesses publicise themselves for free, and nothing has been more popular than Live video.

Whether you’re holding an event and users stream it to their friends, or you’re demonstrating how to use one of your products, it’s incredibly engaging and shareable content, so it’s one not to be missed.

live video on a phone


3. Micro-influencer Marketing

Big names like Zoella and PewDiePie now charge a small fortune to publicise your products to their millions of subscribers. So why not try a slightly cheaper alternative and work alongside micro-influencers.

In 2019, users are looking for more tailored content to them (more on that below), and so you want to be highly targeted with your advertising. Micro-influencers hold a smaller audience, but theirs is more concentrated and niche, which makes them more likely to convert.

influencer in front of a camera


4. Personalised Social Content

As mentioned above, users in 2019 will be looking for more tailored content on their timelines. This means that the content we share on social media (especially ad content), needs to be aimed at that particular audience. We trust that you, or the team that manages your social media, is creating ads that target specific users, and not just random new people with similar interests.

Make sure you’re using your Facebook Pixel data to the best of your abilities. Using this data allows you to target those that could have bought from your before. It can also be used to retarget those that abandoned their baskets. By ensuring your ads are tailored to a previous users experience, you’re more likely to generate purchases.

If you don’t think your ads are reaching your right audiences, have a word with our Social Media team today, and we’ll see what changes we can make to your campaigns going into 2019.

sponsored and targeted content

5. Timely Social Responses 

As someone that uses *insert social media channel here* nearly daily, it’s easy to expect that a businesses would do the same. Therefore more and more users are using it as an extension of your customer service team. And if you don’t respond instantly, you’re in trouble.

With online being a 24 hour feature, you need to make sure you’re available for your users 24/7, and if you’re not you need to make sure they know. While it is expected to give a timely response, don’t be surprised if they jump straight back with a response.

responding to messages on social media

6. Visual-First Content

In the growing age of Instagram, and the display quality of mobile phones going into 2019, is it any surprise that users want visual-first content? That’s not just restricted to still imagery anymore, but video content too. It needs to be accessible on multiple platforms, available for those listening without sound, and it needs to be shareable.

visual content example


So looking into our Social Media crystal ball, that’s what we predict for 2019. So make sure you’ve got your Social Media head screwed on, or speak to a member of our team today to see how we can help improve your Social Media impact in 2019.