6 month seo digital marketing round up

6 Month Round-Up of Digital Marketing News in 2017

Even though we’re only halfway through the year, the digital marketing world has been ripe with alterations, movements and progressions that have left the world of SEO reeling. In order to keep you up to date and informed on all the latest digital marketing news and gossip, we’ve compiled this guide, to sum up the major events and happenings within the first half of 2017.

Mobile Phones Have Become the Preferred Device

2017 has been the year of the smartphone. A recent survey done by Adobe Analytics Cloud states that currently 57% of people throughout Europe say that their phone is their preferred and most used device. With the increasing use of AMP by businesses, mobile phones are swiftly becoming the go-to electronic device as they evolve to accommodate every tool. Although the majority of users still choose to purchase from online retailers on a desktop device, the number is slowly dwindling as the dawn of the smartphones arrives.  In order to keep your business ahead of the times and smartphone compatible, read our mobile search guide to get your business AMP ready.  


AMP Mobile Search Mobile SEO


It was Announced that Girls Run the World (sort of).

In a recent global survey done by IndaHash it was revealed that 68% of social media influencers are in fact women, with the female population completely dominating the social scene. From fitness models to bloggers, to motivational speakers; the world of social media is ripe with powerful female figures from all walks of life, and with 56% of these influencers seeing fellow influencers as business colleagues, they provide a strong and authoritative networking force that drives the social marketing world. If you want to improve your social influence, remember and utilise one simple fact; when it comes to social media, it’s girls who run the world.


Social Media Influencers who run the world


Live Social Feeds Increased in Popularity

With the continued growth of Facebook live feed videos, Instagram’s use of live stories and You Tube’s expanding live streaming programme  – the use of live feed footage has become a new content phenomenon within the world of social marketing. Often used as a means by which to communicate with the public on a personable and relatable level, live feed provides businesses with the opportunity to engage and interact directly with their consumers. Currently utilised by global companies such as Disney, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, live stream adds a whole new dimension to businesses and their marketing strategies. Don’t miss out. Get live. Get streaming.


Suki GIlmore Girls Internet Streaming Social Media


Personalisation Became Key! 

Nowadays personal branding has become a vital part of business marketing. As the power and influence of the internet evolves and spreads so does the wealth and access of information it provides, and with this comes a desire to know and understand more. Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs; these are prime examples of leading business owners who are also iconic public figures in their own right. With the spotlight ever expanding onto business owners, 2017 is the year where business owners need to make a name for themselves. By creating your own personal brand you can tell your story to the public, and create a persona that in turn will allow you to connect with your customers. People no longer like the unknown and this is evident through the public’s reception towards business owners. Utilise your knowledge of your client base and filter and adapt your online profile to fit and suit them.


Austin Powers allow me to introduce myself personalisation


Facebook Utilised Messenger for Ads

In recent news, Facebook finally confirmed its plans to utilise its messenger app for advertisements. With Facebook recently breaking its 2 billion usership milestone, this is huge news for businesses. While facebook’s advertisements have previously been limited to news feed featured posts, this new feature means that these ads will now also feature in between conversations on the app. These new features will initially only appear as standard stationary posts and Facebook plans to reel out videos and animations to liven up the experience and allow business’ to get creative within their social media advertising process.


facebook messenger lads

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