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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Podcast for your Site

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Blogs. Infographics. Social media. All typical ways of producing content for consumers, as a way of enticing them into choosing you. As much as visual aesthetic may seem the best way to appease your target audience, what else could be a viable alternative that makes you stand out from the crowd?

The fabled podcast, birth-child of the radio, has been around for awhile now. But as of late, they are becoming their own unique art form. Specialist podcasts are well and truly here in 2017. Now, while they will not suit every business’ agenda, podcasts offer a unique perspective for clients to engage with a company on a one-to-one basis. Podcasts speak directly to a specific audience member, all while reaching the masses. Here are our top five tips on producing the best podcast for your business.

1. Always Optimise your Podcasts!

The name and description of your podcast needs to sell your product before anyone even listens to it (no pressure or anything). You can’t expect people to just stumble across your podcast… The basics of SEO still count in making sure you rank on Google’s SERPs. These need to be keyword rich, but not over the top. Like Google, iTunes will not appreciate a description that it feels does not truly represent what is actually on offer.

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2. Involve your Key Principles

It needs to sell, otherwise, what’s the point in commissioning them? The key principles of the BBC should be taken into consideration depending on your product; educate, inform and entertain. Ideally, you would focus on all three, but it’s not always possible. If you can achieve all three, then you are managing to pitch, sell, and build a positive brand image, all in the same process.

To deliver the key principles, you need someone to front the podcast. They do not need to be someone of authority in your company, just someone who can maintain conversation, knows your industry inside-out and has the capability to deliver the image your company desires.


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3. Keep your Podcasts Coming

These things can’t just be sporadic. You need to plan a series of podcasts to truly capitalise on the effect they could have on your business. Anywhere between 4 and 10 podcasts in a single run works, with a target running time being between 20-40 minutes (depending on circumstances like; information given, depth of topic etc). Arranging a calendar of when recording will take place, editing time, and organising a release schedule of all the episodes will truly maximise each podcasts impact.


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4. Have a Range of Voices 

A single human talking for an entire podcast episode on their own is not a good idea. A range of voices is essential to sticking to those key principles mentioned up in our first point. Aim for at least two other contributors who may be from different aspects of your company, or even an independent contributor if you feel brave enough! By having different voices and opinions on something, it makes for much better listening. And it means the listener won’t get sick of your voice.


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5. Create Further Content

And finally, don’t think the podcast is limited to acting solely as a podcast. You can do write ups for the blog sections of your websites to highlight key topics, pointing people towards the podcast if they want to hear a more in depth conversation. It may not be live, but engage with your audience on social media, and get them involved! Use a hashtag to promote the podcast, and encourage listeners to comment or tweet your company about their opinions on questions that could be answered in a follow-up episode.


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By making a podcast for your business, you aren’t just making a podcast. You are raising your profile in a range of other ways to make you stand out from your competitors. Create a buzz on social media, engage directly with your audience, and ensure you stay focused so that you can utilise SEO in ways that can benefit your business in ways not possible before. If you’d like some help with your business’s content marketing, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts. We’d love to hear from you! 

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