5 Linkbuilding Techniques

5 Ways to Improve Your Link Building Techniques

Link building is an art.

SEOs need to stay ahead of the game to develop innovative ways of obtaining high-quality links when these links are becoming harder and harder to find. With continuous Google algorithm updates, and strategies quickly becoming outdated, link building is now a long game, no matter whether you’re B2B or B2C.  Fear not, there are still great ways to obtain links without wasting valuable time resources, we’ve round up 5 top tactics that will improve your business in just one hour!

Broken Link Building in just 60 minutes

Broken link building is an effective practice allowing you to recover faulty links and gain a link back to your site, by providing webmasters with an alternative solution.

A broken link often results in a 404 error page, leaving the user  with nowhere to go and in many instances these broken links occur on high quality pages – it’s a golden opportunity for you to get a great link!.

The process is quick and simple, sourced the internet for broken links within your appropriate field, identify the broken links and finally outreach by suggesting an alternative quality link that is relevant to the site and will help the site continue the user journey, without horrid 404s.

Time Efficient Guest Blogging

Guest blogging isn’t dead. With the announcement from Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team discussing the fall of guest blogs, marketers began to abuse this link building tactic through spammy low-quality content. However this doesn’t mean stop, it means you need to re-adapt your SEO technique.

Improving your guest blogging techniques involves being strict with your content. Only post on industry relevant and high-quality web pages that attract your intended readers. A guest blog must be original, and ensure your content is credible and beneficial to  readers. Finally, prove yourself within the blogger community and build your credibility by interacting with your readers, sharing your content on social channels and strengthening your relationships with editors and readers.

Quick & Easy Unlinked Brand Mentions

A simple technique that involves sourcing brand mentions with no links. Unlinked brand mentions are an opportunity to gain mentions related to your business via a link. There are an array of tools and practices that marketers use to locate accurate brand mentions. As you can imagine, the internet is filled with new content on a daily basis, therefore, it necessary to filter out the right content to save you time.

You can search for your business via Google news which feeds you current updated information regarding your brand, or for a more thorough search use Buzzsomo, as it allows you to search for industry-related articles and you’re able set up brand mention alerts to keep up to date with any unread content. Once you’ve built up a list of potential people to outreach to, the next step involves emailing the site and politely asking them to link back to you.

Speedy Competitor Links

A straightforward and valuable SEO trick is getting your competitor’s links. Whilst conducting your competitor analysis go a little deeper and gain insight into their backlinks.

Ensure your competitors are both industry and content related, the more specific the better the link building strategy.

Competitor links give you an understanding of the type of outreach methods and tools they are using and could provide you with a whole new source of channels to utilise.

A helpful tool for performing this task is using Majestic- a commercial link Intelligence database. The database allows you to look at your competitors referral sites and gives you an opportunity to mirror any high-value links or improve any existing ones.  

Instant Reverse Image Search

A productive and essential task for businesses who use imagery to promote their products or services. The task involves finding sites that have used your images and outreaching to them to gain credit via a link. Google search allows you to drag the image and displays where else  it has been featured on the net. By sending over a friendly email that states you give permission for the image rights, will in turn also help you build your links. 

Top tip – be sure to use Majestic SEO to check the trust flow of the site before linking back to your site!

Practicing these link building techniques will improve your business’s online presence and, in turn, increase revenue. If you’re interesting in find out further information regarding link building and SEO then get in touch today!


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