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5 Ways to Improve Social Advertising

With Instagram and Pinterest joining other social media platforms in offering brands and businesses advertising opportunities, social advertising is playing a bigger role for businesses in generating leads and conversions. Unfortunately, some businesses are not getting the most for their money. Some brands are simply hemorrhaging their marketing budget and are not grasping the full potential of social advertising.

In this Ricemedia blog, we look at 5 tactics for you to get the most out of your social advertising budget. We look at ways to spend wisely and see a better ROI for your spending, generating leads and driving conversions through the roof.

Audience Targeting

One of the major issues with traditional ads is inefficiency. Big brands simply threw money away on large costly advertising campaigns, such as billboards or magazine spreads, and had little to show for it afterwards. Marketers could not tell if their target audience had seen these ads, whether they engaged with them or if it resulted in a sale.

Certainly, traditional marketers didn’t have anything as accurate as we have now today. With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, they offer very effective targeting capabilities that can resolve these problems. However, some brands are approaching social advertising much like traditional advertising and are burning their advertising budget on ads that are not targeted to their audience. As you can imagine, they do not see the results that they’re expecting.

So, going back to basics, before you begin any social advertising campaign, make sure you’ve defined your audience. Once you’ve defined your audience, you can then start to properly target your audience as specifically as possible. This way, you’re reaching the right audience and get the most out of your advertising efforts.

Make use of Effective CTA

Your Call to Action needs to be on the money. This is going to be the invitation or even challenge that gets your audience to click and drive traffic to your site. So make effective use of the CTA buttons available, depending on what you are advertising.

There is no definitive right or wrong CTA, so best way to find out what works best your business would be A/B testing. Try out using ads without a CTA button but just in the copy, then compare it with the button. Again, there is no clear right or wrong method with your CTA, it does depend on what works with your audience.

Also, A survey of Facebook users said that they are more likely to click on a discount offer when approached by social advertising. A simple enough strategy for a successful social media ad, mention a discount in your copy and maybe working it with your CTA.

Use Remarketing & Custom Audiences Effectively

Attracting sales from new visitors to your site can be extremely difficult and takes a lot of time to nurture those leads. While pursuing new visitors and converting them into buyers, do not neglect your current audience of regular customers. You already have a regular following of customers who enjoy your brand and are more likely to buy again, do not forget about them or you can lose them.

Creating custom audiences and remarketing to them is a fantastic opportunity to recapture your lost traffic and convert more site visitors to buyers. As they’ve already purchased from your online store before and are aware of your brand, it will be easier to convert sales from them.

With Facebook’s custom audience, you can easily remarket if they’re on;

A list of existing contact details, e.g emails or phone numbers
A list of people who have visited your website or certain pages
A list of people who used your app and exhibited specific behaviour

As well as an opportunity to drive sales from an audience more likely to buy, remarketing to them will ensure they are loyal to your brand or business.

Design your Ads with Mobile in Mind

Social media is consumed overwhelmingly on mobile devices. Twitter users spend 86 percent of their time on the platform on mobile. Facebook users aren’t far behind at 68 percent. This means most social ads are being viewed on mobile devices, as a result, messages have to be optimised for viewing on small mobile screen.

This can be done simply with simple optimisations to your site. Ensuring your site can be viewed on a mobile device clearly and function well when a user goes click on an ad is vital. It does defeat the point of defining an audience and targeting them specifically if your website is not mobile-friendly and can’t give the user the same UX if viewed on a desktop. Hence, landing pages used to target mobile users must be on the ball for mobile devices or else you’re throwing away money.

Use Facebook Business Manager

This relatively new Facebook tool can help you manage all your Facebook pages, ad accounts and apps all in one place. Especially something to consider for bigger brands and businesses, Facebook Business Manager gives better control of your social advertising on Facebook and can help you coordinate your campaigns better. Rather than juggling and jumping between several advertising accounts, you can have them all at your fingertips in one place.

Put these into practice and see your leads and revenue soar. If you’re interested in how else you can improve your social media advertising, drive your CTR and conversion rates, get in touch today!

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