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5 Ways SEO can Increase Your Conversion Rate

In this blog, we look at how SEO can help your website increase its conversion rate. These are simple actions that you can implement yourself and see a change in your conversion rate.  Sounds easy, right!?

Optimising your site for SEO should naturally help drive sales. Part of this is because, elements of good SEO looks at UX on your site, so your potential customer can navigate through your online shop easier and streamline the purchasing process.

From looking at the technical aspect of writing content that sells, these actions will both improve your website’s SEO and drive your conversion rate through the roof.

Descriptive Optimisation

Through optimising your meta titles and descriptions, when potential customers search your products, they will be met with a large amount of information about your products or services before even clicking through to your website.

While this will help that page rank on Google, it can help sell yourself to a potential customer before they even click.

Detailed, Unique Content

Having detailed, unique content is a must.

From an SEO perspective, content will help you rank higher on keywords but from a user experience perspective, having descriptive content can assists users in navigating through your site, knowing what your product is and how it can benefit them.  The more engaging the content the better, as you’re showing your knowledge and authority, building trust with the potential customer.

Technically Clean Site

Having a technically clean website means it is fully optimised, there are no dead links that take your users to a 404 page and your site has a fast loading speed. All of this is orientated to your potential customer’s user experience.

Having links that end on a 404 page can be extremely off-putting for customers. Especially if they’re expected to input their bank details for payment, having 404 pages can make it difficult for them to trust your site and complete the purchase.

For E-commerce, site speed is something that is really concerning webmasters and it should be on your mind too. There are a number of studies which have found a direct correlation to a customer abandoning their shopping cart when faced with a slow loading website.


Having good images of your product is just a piece of common sense but some businesses don’t do it!

If you walked into an Apple shop, would you buy an iPad without even knowing what it looks like? Of course not! That’s insane!  No matter how small the price of an item, your customers need to see and experience what they’re buying.  If you’re a fashion or jewellery company, show the product on a person; show the product from a number of angles and even better include a video: Asos do this really well.  

A great tip is to have the product placed next to a household item as a reference to size. You can provide a detailed description of the products height and dimensions but people prefer a visual reference.

Rich Snippets & Schema

Screenshot 2016-01-06 at 14.23.39

Rich Snippets and Schema Markup can be a great tool for attracting customers. The most commonly used of these take the form as either review ratings (e.g stars), displaying how many are in stock or mentioning the price, or if the price has changed.  However there are many more options on, not all will be relevant to your site, though.

Like having an optimised meta description, this provides your potential customers with more vital information, attracting them to click.

Reviews are a big selling point, if you know your product is well reviewed and liked by your regular customers, why keep it a secret? Also displaying the number of items left in stock or if there’s been a recent slash in price can generate urgency for your product before they’ve even clicked on your site.

As you start implementing these actions, you’ll see your conversion rate begin to increase, but not only that, the quality of your traffic will increase too.
Are you thinking, how can I take this further? How else can you optimise your website and drive our conversion rate higher? We can help, get in touch today!

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