5 Ways your Blog can Generate More Leads SEO

5 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Blog

Is your blog generating leads for your business?

If not, there is potential that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to convert organic traffic into sales leads.HubSpot reports that marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI. Your blog content can play a key role in your overall marketing strategy, as well as boosting your site’s SEO and establishing you as an authority in your field.

Blogging gives businesses a chance to educate and connect with their customer through frequent product and industry updates. The more valuable your content, the more favourable search engines are likely to rank it.  When writing your content, you want draw in your customers, capture their attention and convert them into a customer.

To do all this successfully, we have created 5 surefire ways to help generate more leads from your blog.

1. Optimise your blog content

It may sound simple but it can often be ignored or mis-overlooked by many businesses. It is likely that most of your blog traffic will come via search, which is why it is incredibly important to optimise your blog titles in language that drives interest and engagement.  By continually publishing informative and actionable posts that are optimised with keywords, you content will begin to rank higher and ultimately earn you more leads. It is also a good idea to re-optimise older blogs with fresh and up-to-date content, using this approach, Hubspot was able to increase the conversion rate of old posts by 87% and the number of leads it generated by 99%.

5 Ways your Blog can Generate More Leads SEO

2. Add call to actions to blog posts

Call to actions are surprisingly quite underused in blog posts, for businesses in particular, it’s important to generate content that compels your reader to take some form of action.  There are a number of ways that blogs can include CTA’s, this includes at the end of your blog post, which allows readers to take action after they finish reading. Another useful call-to-action is to include links to connect with your business on social channels. If your readers are interested in your content they may also want to subscribe.

5 Ways your Blog can Generate More Leads

3. Diversify your blog content

It’s important to build your brand and to give your business a personality. Although written content is widely using for blogs, it’s also a good idea to include video, infographics and slideshares as part of your content strategy to spark interest to your readers. Publishing diversified content will help broaden your audience, and is likely to increase the chance of your content being shared across social channels.

5 Ways your Blog can Generate More Leads SEO

4. Publish content on a regular basis

Research from Hubspot has shown that businesses that publish 16+ blog posts monthly get 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than businesses who publish less than 5 blog posts a month. Publishing quality and credible content frequently to your blogs is likely to have a positive impact on website traffic and leads. In addition to this, you should never neglect your old content, as older blogs can still generate results especially if they have been optimised well for SEO.

5 Ways your Blog can Generate More Leads SEO

5. Promote your blog

Your blog serves as an extension of your brand which is why it is a great idea to promote your blog on different platforms. This will be particularly useful if you’re looking to expand your current audience reach, this could include, guest blogging, newsletters and industry related forums.

5 Ways your Blog can Generate More Leads SEO

Blogging is great tool to help position your business as an industry expert, consistently publishing articles and sharing valuable information is a great way to get customers to trust your brand, and ultimately convert into successful leads. If you’d like some help with your business’s content marketing strategy then get in touch with our team today.

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