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5 Tips to Improve your Business’s Outreach Practices

If you want to help improve your business’s SEO strategy then ramping up your outreach practices is the best way to go. Building links back to your website has been a key part in improving your site’s rankings for years now, but even getting a brand mention over the web will indicate to Google that your business is at the top of its game.

So with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help improve your outreach strategy:

1. Create a well thought out media list

The be all and end all of outreach is to find the perfect recipient for your company’s outreach attempts. So with that being said, your first protocol is to create a well thought out media list. Why? Because the Fashion Director at Vogue isn’t going to be interested in hearing about your car MOT services. (well maybe, but not in a work related context). You need to make sure you’re targeting the right publications relevant to your business.

Gone are the days of throwing your press release into a distribution database and hoping for a link. Now journalists want to be carefully selected to receive your news, otherwise, they will just move your press release straight to the junk box.

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2. Write a well thought out, individual outreach email

Journalists like emails to be personal. They don’t want a mail merge email with a blank ‘Hi there’ to start it off. You need to spend time writing individual emails for each journalist – the reward at the end will make up for the effort.

Using free Chrome extensions such as Email Tracker to monitor these emails will help you understand who is interested in your email and who isn’t. If they’ve clicked on the email multiple times, then it’s a clear indicator that you’re in luck!

3. The follow-up email

Follow-up emails are a crucial part of your businesses outreach strategy. There is thought to be 20 PR professionals to every one journalist in the UK. That’s a lot of PR’s reaching out to each journalist at any one time, so it’s not surprising if your outreach attempts slip through the net.

However, just dropping a quick line, whether that is via email or over the phone to see if your press release has been seen and if it is of interest will immediately let you know if the journalist is considering using your news.

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4. Include links within your press release 

We all know links help rankings, and some Digital Marketing PR strategies are put together to specifically get links. Why not help the journalist you’re outreaching to by including all the links you want to be featured in the article within the press release? Nothing is more irritating than having to go back to a journalist and ask them to include the link in the article they’ve just written and out online. It doesn’t look very professional either. 

Make sure all the links you want to be included in the article are laid out within the press release. It’s always good measure for the link to be back to something useful to the article reader; such as a blog post explaining the story more or a link to products mentioned.

5. Looking at competitors backlinks

One of the best ways to look for opportunities and gain links back to your website is to see where your competitor sites have been linked too.

Using SEO tools such as Majestic can quickly pull in the data you need to see this. Once you have a target site to ask to be linked on, send a concise polite email asking for the link and state your reasons why.

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Here are just some of the tips we at Rice Media recommend. If you’d like any advice on improving your business’s PR strategy, then do not hesitate to get in touch.





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