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The 5 Golden Rules Of Social Media Marketing

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Social media has become a fundamental element in driving a successful social media marketing campaign. With over a billion network users worldwide, being active on social media  could drive more customers to your brand, and help to improve customer loyalty with your existing audience. So how do you keep your customers engaged? And how do you build an online presence?.  This blog details how to make the most effective use of  your social channels, and ultimately how to engage with your audience.


1.Create Quality Content

Your content needs to be relevant and it needs to be unique. You want your brand to stand out but for the right reasons. Try to avoid curating too much online content. Your audience doesn’t want to see repeated posts on their feed, so why not try to repurpose it? A great way to look for new ideas is by using tools and websites such as Pocket, Reddit and Tumblr to discover the latest  trends and topics. The key for any brand is to apply to their own unique twist that their audience can identify with.


2.It’s All About Communication

Remember the reason why you are here. It is to communicate,  be social and build a loyal audience. Your social channels should act as a two-way cycle,  enabling you to  share information and listen to your audience. Using tools such as TweetDeck to monitor conversations topics and respond to your customers will help you nurture relationships over time. It is a great way to build trust and shows your customers that you value their thoughts and opinions.


3.Be Bold & Visual

Multi-media plays a major role in social media marketing, so don’t be afraid to experiment with video and imagery across your channels. 2016 has become the era of video marketing, producing innovative videos can help drive your traffic and increase your brand value. Creating high quality imagery is a great way to spark interest and to complement text with. Studies have shown that adding imagery to content can increase the memory by up to 65%, as colour helps to stimulate both memory and association.


4.Keep Track

Measuring and tracking your social results will allow you to develop new strategies and tactics if results are not going as expected. A great feature of social monitoring is that it allows you to experiment with different approaches and see instant results. As technology continues to develop and social media continues to grow, more tools will become readily available to help build and monitor your social success.


5.Be Patient

You can’t expect to see results overnight. You need to be patient if you want to create an organic audience. Gradually your posts will begin to attract a larger following and  customers will begin to engage and share your content more. As this continues to grow, you need to ensure you maintain your originality and creativity!


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