5 Digital Marketing Quick Wins

In this blog we look at digital marketing quick wins. By quick wins, we mean simple actions that take no longer than two hours to implement onto your website but can yield positive results.

These simple quick wins will improve your website’s SEO and drive traffic to your site, which turn into leads and generate ROI:

1.) Unlinked Brand Mentions

What are They?

Unlinked brand mentions are simply when a publication, blog or website mentions your company but does not include a link back to the site.

Simply get in contact with these sites and request a link back to you, first checking if these referring sites are of high authority. It’s as simple as that.

How can it Benefit you?

Part of improving your site’s SEO is having links from high authority sites. Already, there is content mentioning your company or business, simply contacting them and getting  link back can aid you SEO. As well, this makes it easier for potential clients, who are reading this content, to get from that site to yours.

2.) Homepage & Core Page Optimisation

What are They?

There are a number of simple onsite optimisations that you can implement, such as;

  • Meta Titles & Descriptions – Crafting meta titles and descriptions which include keywords and promote your business
  • H1 Tags – Adding H1 tags to your onsite content
  • Keywords – Making sure your main keywords are included in your onsite content

Ideally, you would implement these improvements to all your webpages but for a quick win, focus on your homepage and core landing pages.

How can it Benefit you?

These actions are all about improving your rankings and onsite SEO.

Well written meta titles, descriptions and H1 Tags tells Google what the page is about and what keywords to focus on, helping your rankings for those terms.  You have to think of Google as a robot, it can only use the information it has in front of it, so you need to make each page easy for Google to understand your priorities.  Optimisation is a great way to do this.  

3.) Sitemaps

What are They?

Sitemaps are, in its simplest form, an XML file that lists your site’s URLs with additional metadata about each URL.

How can it Benefit you?

Having a sitemap on your site allows search engines to more intelligently crawl your site and can greatly improve your rankings and SEO.  Think of it as a roadmap for Google, detailing which pages you have on your site that you’d like it to read, how important they are and how often it should come back and read them again.

You can use tools such as Screaming Frog to create an xml sitemap for free. The sitemap then needs uploading to your site and can also be submitted through Search Console to push Google to read it quickly.

4.) Reviewing Backlinks

What are They?

This is simply going through all the referring domains that link to your website. This is done through software like SEMRush or Majestic who can crawl your site and present you a list of referring domains for you to review.

How can it Benefit you?

Just like how you’d chase unlinked brand mentions to get links from high authority sites, reviewing backlinks is all about removing links from low authority domains. This can be done by simply emailing to request this from the actual site or simply put in a disavow request to Google. This merely tells Google that you do not want them to consider yourselves associated with that domain though the links remains live.

5.) Write A Blog

What are They?

Blogs are simply, web logs or web diaries. It is a page on a website where you can write and publish articles and content continuously. Typically, blogs are about niche topics and areas, where they present facts or opinions to an audience.

How can it Benefit me?

Blog are a great resource when it comes to content marketing. It allows you to create content that targets specific and often niche keywords, which can improve your rankings and help you promote your product or services through driving traffic to your site. Have a look at our recent post for guidance on how to get your blog found.

If your website doesn’t have a blog, that’s not a problem. It takes a few moments to set up and usually takes less than two hours to create a post or content to publish.


How can I Build on These Quick Wins?

As you start implementing these actions and quick wins, you will be wondering, can I build it up? Can I push this to the next level?

Of course, you can!

As you start looking at optimising your homepage and core landing pages, you can start looking at other pages, look at other methods to optimising your pages and look at your site’s health as a whole. As you look at technical optimisation for your site, as well as increasing your site’s SEO authority, this will translate into a better user experience your audience.

Also, through developing your blog, you can open a whole new avenue of lead generation. Once you’ve began generating regular blog content, you can look at developing supporting content like whitepapers and guides that your audience can download and use. Through this, you can set up a marketing automation system which helps to nurture leads and generate sales.  The marketing possibilities are endless, once you have the foundations in place.

If you’re interested in how Ricemedia can optimise your website, develop an organic lead nurturing system and grow your organic SEO, get in touch today!

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