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Broken links, 404 Errors and slow page load times don’t go down well with Google.

Think of it this way: Google looks at virtually every site on the web. If each site has links to pages that don’t exist or take an age to load, then they use up a lot of extra resource at their cost, simply due to poor site maintenance.


Your site won’t rank well with poor technical health. We review its current condition and show up where the issues lie.

Outline the current issues

We identify the causes for pages not ranking within search engines and create a plan of action.

Resolve the issues

Some issues can be quick wins whereas others may require long term solutions. Either way, a plan to rectify the situation is vital.


We implement the audit, reporting back on uplifts and changes in performance throughout your integrated campaign.


Basically, creating a clean and healthy site for Google to crawl will pay off

This will help Google to determine what the actual value and content of your site is formed around. With a solid organic SEO campaign in place, your onsite objectives will work alongside this clarity to result in more favourable rankings and successful conversions.

We typically include site health checks as part of our monthly engagement for you. Though we can also carry out more in depth analysis as part of a one off piece of work.

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