Straight off the shelf, organic search engine optimisation (SEO) has always been about links & content.

Do some keyword research, put these into your website, find some relevant links to that content, then sit back and wait for Google to reward you.
This often brings some results but if you really want to maximise the opportunity you’ll need to invest some time in the early stages.

Identify your audience

Before you can start any SEO campaign, we need to understand who your audience are and where we can find them. Once we understand this we can help increase relevance and convert traffic to the site.


Build your keywords

We will identify the terms which are driving your traffic and identify new opportunities to build upon your current audience.

Develop your strategy

Once we understand your audience we can tailor the strategy to your end game; whether that is traffic, revenue or new visitors.

Monitor & adapt

We will consistently monitor your results and strategy to make sure you are ahead of the changes within Google and your competitors.

Graph showing the organic search traffic growth over a period of time

Your keyword research needs to look at the types of people that will be using those words and phrases when they search.

Are they your type of customer, will they like what you have to say, and are they likely to convert into the right kind of paying customer that you want them to be? If you get this right then you’re going to have a concrete foundation with relevant metrics to move forward with successful organic SEO campaigns.

Research & content

Our organic SEO service takes your campaign to the next level. Once we have created a strong foundation, we move onto really finding out where the opportunities sit. A typical campaign will involve initial research and a complete technical health check, where we will investigate anything that may be holding your site back. We will then we move onto creating new content for the site using the research, and craft out a streamlined ‘persona’ that makes it easy for the Search Engines to know exactly what your site is now about.

Campaign implementation

A professional SEO agency strategy involves time, effort and patience. Building up lots of low quality links to a site will yield some quick win results but they may not last and will likely undermine really good work carried out later (no matter who does it). We adopt a sustainable and quality process for building links, which means that we will never be embarrassed to show you a link that we have gained for you. We will research and find industry bodies that should be linking to you, link content pieces that we have created on topical sites, spend time looking at successful competitors in your niche, and be ‘inspired’ from their own linking strategies.

We take care of everything for you.

We understand that you’re busy working toward your own goals. We’ll contact you when we need to and then take the decisions and actions that you empower us to, in order to get the results we’re both aiming for as your SEO agency.

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Transparency & relationship

Everything that we do is recorded down to the minute, so that we are ready to review and discuss it with you at any stage of the campaign. Our most successful SEO clients are those that respond to our input and work with us to achieve a genuine return on their investment.

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