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Around the World with Universitas 21 - Web & Ecommerce

They say two heads are better than one…then how about hundreds of thousands? No we haven’t taken on hundreds of new employees here at Ricemedia but we have been working with Universitas 21 on the design and development of their new website.

Universitas 21 is comprised of over 830,000 students, 145,000 staff and almost 2.5million alumni, creating an international network of 23 leading universities spreading over 15 countries. The network facilitates collaboration and cooperation between the member universities to create opportunities for them on a scale that none of them would be able to achieve operating independently.

Working closely with Universitas 21 we’ve designed a website to encourage its members to share experiences and compare national and regional approaches to higher education. The new site creates a strong and accessible web presence to support all of Universitas 21’s members whilst providing a cleverly built platform for sharing.

This site is at the forefront of web development, creating global learning communities through the use of new technologies. We’re extremely proud of our work on this site it really is a platform to success.

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