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How to Optimize your Company’s LinkedIn Profile?

Linkedin is a great tool for companies to network, share new products or news and attract potential clients. Especially if you’re business is focuses on B2B, LinkedIn is a great resource to generate leads but are you using your company’s profile to its full potential?

The Marvellous and Curious Power of Titles!

In this blog we’ll be looking at tips to create the perfect title for your content. From blog to white paper, a strong title is going affect how can it searched and who will click. We’ll show you the five things to consider and take inspiration from when writing titles.

20 Minute a Day Instagram Strategy

Instagram can be a vital and effective tool for marketers and businesses; the visual platform is especially good for promoting products and building a community of followers, if done correctly. Find out more in our blog.

A Beginner’s Guide To Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising? A Short Simple Answer: Programmatic advertising is referring to the use of software to purchase digital advertising space on websites and blogs. It is essentially another form of PPC but more in depth and tailored for a client’s target audience through bidding and purchasing advertising space.

5 Content Marketing Lessons From Mad Men

Mad Men, the award winning AMC drama, depicts admen and marketing in a glamorous and romantic light but what does this have to say about Content Marketing that’s relevant and useful to your business? Can this drama set in 1960s America be relevant to businesses today? Here we look at Mad Men, what lessons it has to teach us and how to apply it to today’s Content Marketing.

What is Digital PR? And 3 Misconceptions

“What Is Digital PR?” Is something I’m asked almost every other day by prospective clients and it’s a fair question. It is not something I can sum up in two or three sentences, so consider this blog post as my way of officially setting the record straight to current and future clients who are unsure as well as put an end to a few stereotypes.

3 Ways To Define Your Audience

Defining your audience is a crucial aspect of your company’s marketing and vital to any Lead Nurturing strategy, but making sure you have targeted the right potential customer can be a long and strenuous process, although it doesn’t need to be.

We are going to run through three of the best methods and tools you can use to ensure you define your audience correctly and accurately. Not only will this save you a lot of time researching methods, it will also enable you to really find out, who your perfect customer would be.

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